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Program 62: Regional Anangu Services

This program features an interview with Jason Hayward-Jones, the General Manager of Regional Anangu Services (RASAC). Jason talks about the services RASAC delivers to Anangu communities – including waste management and recycling – and how... read on

Interview with Jason Hayward-Jones

Jason Hayward-Jones is the General Manager of Regional Anangu Services (RASAC), an organisation that provides a range of services and employment opportunities on the APY Lands. In this interview, Jason talks to Rose Lester and... read on

APY Lands: waste management

In 2006, State and Federal Government agencies agreed to jointly fund the development of a regional waste management plan for the APY Lands. As part of this process, $600,000 of “waste management and resource recovery trials” were conducted in APY communities during 2009 and 2010... read on

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