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Program 74: APY Trade Training Centre (part 2)

In this program we continue our conversation with Mark Connelly, the manager of a new training centre at Umuwa. Mark explains how the construction of an accommodation facility will allow up to 20 students to... read on

Program 73: APY Trade Training Centre (part 1)

A new centre at Umuwa will make it easier for students to learn a trade or get a job when they finish high school. Mark Connelly manages the centre. In today’s program we talk with... read on

Interview with Mark Connelly

Mark Connelly manages the new trade training centre at Umuwa on the APY Lands. Beginning in 2013, Anangu secondary school students will be able to learn skills at the centre that should make it easier... read on

Program 11: Trade training for students on the APY Lands

The South Australian Government is building a multi-million dollar trade training centre for Anangu secondary school students. The centre will be able to accommodate up to 20 students at a time. It is being built... read on

Interview with the South Australian Education Department

Keith Darwin works for the State Education Department. His current role is to manage the building of a multi-million dollar residential trade training centre on the APY Lands. The centre, which is being built at... read on

APY Lands: trade training centre in Umuwa

In 2010, the Federal Government agreed to fund the capital cost of a $7.3 million trade training centre in Umuwa for APY secondary school students. Once completed, groups of Anangu secondary students... read on

APY Lands: employment and training in construction

Broad commitments by governments to train and employ Anangu in the construction and maintenance of houses and other buildings are commonplace on the APY Lands. In 2007 and 2008, such commitments were frequently made during negotiations for a $25 million housing program... read on

Kanpi and Nyapari: community-based training

Since 1999, successive State Governments have been trying to re-establish effective community-based training programs on the APY Lands. These efforts have resulted in the appointment of more TAFE lecturers and the rebuilding of core infrastructure. The bulk of this activity has occurred in larger communities... read on

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