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State Plan: Aboriginal Strategic Plan

In October 2006, the State Government reported that it was developing an Aboriginal Strategic Plan for South Australia in partnership with the Commonwealth. The Plan was never completed... read on

State Plan: driver’s licences and Anangu

The South Australian Government is working hard to reduce the State’s road toll, in part by increasing the skills and experience of new drivers. Since 2005, anyone wanting to obtain a South Australian motor vehicle license has been required to complete a considerable number of hours of supervised driving... read on

State Plan: representation of women on the APY Executive Board

The South Australian State Strategic Plan originally aimed to increase the number of women on government boards and committees to 50% (on average) by 2008. In support of that target, the Government encouraged and assisted Aboriginal women to take up leadership and decision-making opportunities... read on

State Plan: Anangu public sector employment

In 2004, the State Government announced plans to increase the number of Aboriginal people working in the South Australian public service “to 2% within 5 years.” This target was not met... read on

Strategic Plan: economic boom times and Anangu disadvantage

In January 2008, the Premier of South Australia (Hon Mike Rann MP) asked the State’s Social Inclusion Board to investigate how disadvantaged South Australians could be guaranteed a share of the opportunities and economic benefits generated by an impending mining boom... read on

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