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Sarah Brown Tells the APY Dialysis Story

In this week’s interview, we talk with Sarah Brown from Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation, the Purple House. We ask Sarah to tell us the full story of how we’ve finally arrived... read on

MoneyMob Talkabout on Banking Commission

In this week’s interview, we talk about some of the issues that have been highlighted in the Banking Royal Commission which has recently put out its Final Report. Some of the issues that the Royal... read on

Responses to Closing the Gap and CDP

In this week’s interview, we talk about the 11th Closing the Gap Report which the Government released on Thursday 14th February 2019. The Closing the Gap policy is aimed at closing or at least narrowing... read on

Progress on the APY Road

In this week’s interview, we hear about how things are going with the upgrading of the APY Road. Our interview is with Mr Jon Whelan, General Manager – Infrastructure, at the Department of Planning, Transport... read on

On The Right Track keeps us safer

In this week’s program, we find out about getting a driver’s licence and ways to stay safe on the road if you live in a remote community. Our interview is with Jade Wilson, who is... read on

RASAC on proposed changes to CDP

In this week’s interview, we listen to the second part of our discussion with Mark Jackman and Madonna Tomes from the Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation. We find out about the proposed changes to the... read on

Update from RASAC

In this week’s show, we listen to the first part of an interview with Mark Jackman and Madonna Tomes from the Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation. We get an update from them about RASAC’s activities across... read on

Prof Hugh Taylor: Closing the Gap on Vision

In our interview today, we’re going to be talking about eye health and ways to keep our eyes healthy and strong. We’re also going to be getting an update about a project called ‘The Roadmap... read on

Building Better Schools

In this interview, we find out about the ‘Building Better Schools’ project that is being led by the Department for Education. The Government is investing $692 million dollars in the ‘Building Better Schools’ project to... read on

SA Native Title Services celebrates ten years!

In July this year, SA Native Title Services celebrated ten years of working as an independent organization! In this interview, we’re going to be finding out about the SA Native Title Services – SANTS for... read on

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