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Justice reinvestment to reduce incarceration

In this week’s interview, we find out about justice reinvestment. We find out what it is, what it involves, and the reasons for developing this different approach to dealing with crime and with supporting people... read on

Prof Hugh Taylor on Trachoma

In this week’s interview, we talk about eye health and ways to keep our eyes healthy and strong. We find out about Trachoma, which is an eye infection that can cause blindness; and we learn... read on

Update from Housing SA

In this week’s interview, we talk with Jude Allen, the Senior Manager for Remote Aboriginal Housing, Strategy and Services at Housing SA. We talk with Jude about the building and maintenance of housing in Anangu... read on

Community Consultations on Forrest Review

This week’s interview is with the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement, Ms Khatija Thomas. The focus of this interview is on the Commissioner’s community consultations about the report of the Forrest Review of Indigenous Jobs and... read on

Linnett Sanchez talks about hearing

This interview is with Linnett Sanchez, Associate Professor of Audiology through Flinders University. Her research work focuses on the ear health of children living in Anangu communities. Linnett has been on the Paper Tracker Radio Show... read on

Frank Hytten – SNAICC (Part 2)

This interview continues the Paper Tracker’s focus on the funding cuts to programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families.   The interview is with Mr Frank Hytten, the Chief Executive Officer of... read on

Update on Remote School Attendance Strategy on the APY Lands

The Remote School Attendance Strategy involves School Attendance Officers working with schools, families, parents, and community organisations to ensure all children go to school every day. The Remote School Attendance Strategy started in the first... read on

Khatija Thomas: Part 1 – Forrest Review

This interview is the first part of a longer discussion with the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement, Ms Khatija Thomas.   Part One of the interview looks at the recent release of the Forrest Review of... read on

Andrea Mason: ‘Empowered Communities’ – Part 2

This is the second part of an interview recorded on 15 September 2014 with the Coordinator of the NPY Women’s Council, Ms Andrea Mason. In Part Two, we continue the conversation about the “Empowered Communities”... read on

Community consultations on Forrest Review

The Premier of South Australia has asked the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement, Ms Khatija Thomas, to conduct consultations with Aboriginal communities across South Australia about the Review of Indigenous Training and Employment that was led... read on

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