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Interview with Alexandra Reid

Alexandra Reid is South Australia’s Coordinator General for Remote Aboriginal Services. In this role, she leads government efforts to improve the way services are designed and delivered in Anangu communities. In this interview, Alexandra talks about... read on

Major upgrade of APY roads announced

The Australian and South Australian Governments will spend $106 million upgrading roads on the APY Lands. The five-year project is expected to create cosiderable employment opportunities for Anangu... read on

Program 21: Essential Services Infrastructure

Earlier this year, the South Australian Government announced plans to spend an additional $11 million, over the next four years, improving essential services infrastructure in remote Anangu communities. In this program, the Paper Tracker talks... read on

APY Lands: road maintenance

Summary In early May 2009, the South Australian Government called for tenders to grade and maintain roads across the APY Lands. The scope of the work – to be undertaken as part of a two-year... read on

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