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DPTI’s Jon Whelan on the new APY road

This interview is with Mr Jon Whelan from the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. The interview was recorded on 17th April 2015. In 2013, the State Government committed $21 million in funding, in addition to... read on

Dignity for Disability on the APY Lands

This week’s interview is with the Hon Kelly Vincent MLC, a Member of the Legislative Council in South Australia’s parliament, where she represents the Dignity for Disability political party. Dignity for Disability’s focus is to... read on

Interview with Parry Agius and Paul Dalby

Parry Agius is the Chairperson of the Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resources Management (AWNRM) Board. The AWNRM Board plays an important role in managing and protecting more than a quarter of South Australia’s land mass, including... read on

APY Lands: mental health plan

In early 2010, Country Health SA began to develop a Mental Health Plan for the APY Lands. It was intended that the Plan would support, among other things, the re-establishment of a visiting child psychiatry service. A total of $600,000... read on

Amata and Mimili: local implementation plans

In late 2008, the Australian and South Australian Governments agreed to formulate comprehensive “local implementation plans” to improve the delivery of services to Amata and Mimili. Under the terms of this agreement, these plans had to be developed in consultation with local Anangu... read on

Amata and Mimili local implementation plans: our review

In mid 2010, the Australian Government released local implementation plans for two APY communities (Amata and Mimili). In August 2010, the Paper Tracker published the following review of the plans... read on

Yalata: comprehensive agreement and long-term priorities

In September 2007, the Federal Government and Yalata community signed a “comprehensive shared responsibility agreement”. The aim of the agreement was to address local priorities and “pressing community needs”... read on

State Plan: Aboriginal Strategic Plan

In October 2006, the State Government reported that it was developing an Aboriginal Strategic Plan for South Australia in partnership with the Commonwealth. The Plan was never completed... read on

State Plan: Anangu public sector employment

In 2004, the State Government announced plans to increase the number of Aboriginal people working in the South Australian public service “to 2% within 5 years.” This target was not met... read on

APY Lands: town planning

For many years, an absence of accurate town plans increased delays in the delivery of new services and infrastructure (including housing) to APY communities. In 2004, the State Government allocated funding for the development of town plans for nine APY communities... read on

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