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Update from Minister for Police, Corrections and Emergency Services

In this week’s interview we find out about a number of important services that affect people living in remote communities – police services, correctional services, and emergency services. We talk with Minister Malinauskas who is the... read on

Greg Wilson on languages and interpreting

In this week’s interview, we talk about Aboriginal languages and the importance of keeping languages alive. We also focus on why it’s so important that people have access to a language interpreter if they need... read on

Ombudsman and language interpreting

In this week’s interview, we find out about the work of the Commonwealth Ombudsman and, in particular, the focus of the Social Services, Indigenous and Disability Branch. We learn about how to make a formal complaint... read on

Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs

This week’s interview is with the leader of the South Australian Liberal Party and Leader of the Opposition, Mr Steven Marshall, who has recently also become the Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation. Mr... read on

Colleen Rosas – NT Aboriginal Interpreter Service

This week’s Anangu Lands Paper Tracker radio interview is about the importance of using language interpreters if we want to understand each other and communicate clearly in situations where we don’t speak a common language.... read on

DSD-AAR update from Nerida Saunders

In this week’s interview, we get an update from Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation in the Department of State Development. We talk with Nerida Saunders, the Executive Director of DSD-AAR. We get an update on the... read on

Uti Kulintjaku – words to express feelings

This week’s Paper Tracker Radio interview is with two women who are involved in the Uti Kulintjaku Project of the NPY Women’s Council – Renee Kulitja and Angela Lynch. For the past two years, a... read on

Update from Nerida Saunders (DSD-AAR)

This week’s Paper Tracker interview is with the Executive Director of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation within the Department for State Development, Nerida Saunders. Nerida provides updates on a range of issues including, the APY Regional... read on

Paul Eckert: Translating and Life on the Lands – Part 2

This Paper Tracker program includes Part Two of a longer interview with Paul Eckert, the Translation Advisor to the Pitjantjatjara Old Testament Project.   This second part of the interview focuses on the ongoing work... read on

Paul Eckert on translating and life on the Lands – Part 1

This interview is the first part of a longer interview with Paul Eckert, the Translation Advisor to the Pitjantjatjara Old Testament Project. Part One of the interview focuses on the early days of Paul’s involvement... read on

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