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Bruce Pascoe and ‘Dark Emu’

In this interview, we talk with Bruce Pascoe, who is the author of a number of books, including ‘Convincing Ground’ and ‘Dark Emu – Black Seeds: Agriculture or accident?’ These books focus on the significance of... read on

Minister gets it wrong on Anangu kids hearing

The SA Minister for Health and Ageing (Hon Jack Snelling MP) recently told Parliament that, according to a three-year university study, 65 Anangu school children have perforated ear drums. The Minister’s statement misrepresents the study’s findings and significantly underestimates the incidence of perforated ear drums and other hearing problems among Anangu children... read on

Suicide and self-harm on the APY Lands: police data

Since March 2004, SA Police has collected information on police involvement in episodes where someone living on the APY Lands has committed suicide, attempted suicide or threatened self-harm... read on

School attendance: new data released

Five years ago, the Mullighan Inquiry urged the SA Government to work much harder at improving school attendance on the APY Lands. Last November, the Government said it had ‘fully implemented’ its response to this recommendation. At that time, the attendance rate for APY schools was less than 60%... read on

Housing audit identifies population growth and overcrowding

Housing SA recently completed a tenancy audit of Anangu community housing. The audit identified population growth in six communities... read on

Anangu dialysis patients and 2013 community visits

Currently, 29 Anangu from Yalata, Oak Valley and APY communities require regular dialysis treatment in order to stay alive. Fourteen of these patients receive their treatment in Adelaide... read on

Program 56: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey

In this program, we talk with Ivan Tiwu-Copley and Greg McCullouch from the Australian Bureau of Statistics about an ongoing survey of the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Ivan and Greg explain... read on

Interview with the Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey collects information about the health of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. In this interview, Ivan Tiwu-Copley and Greg McCullouch discuss the survey with us and how it will be... read on

APY Lands: Baseline Community Profiles (2009)

In 2009, the Federal Government engaged a consultant to prepare community profiles of seven APY communities: Amata, Iwantja, Kalka, Kaltjiti, Mimili, Pipalyatjara and Pukatja.... read on

Program 8: Census 2011

Every five years, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) gathers information on each person in Australia via a national Census. On this program, Jonathan Nicholls and Karina Lester talk with ABS staff (Caroline Deans and... read on

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