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Program 22: Ara Irititja (part one)

The Ara Irititja Project returns photos, sound recordings, films and other materials to Anangu via a special digital archive. In this program, we play the first part of our interview with the Project’s Coordinator, John... read on

Program 1: Introducing the Paper Tracker

Rose Lester talks with Jonathan Nicholls about the origin and goals of the Anangu Lands Paper Tracker project and the decision to launch a weekly radio show.... read on

Pukatja: access to the internet

In mid 2009, the Commonwealth, States and Northern Territory Governments agreed to work together to improve public access to the internet in remote Aboriginal communities. Under the terms of the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Public Internet Access, priority was to be given to larger communities and to “communities that have no public internet access”... read on

APY Lands: maintenance of UHF-CB radio network

Between 2002 and 2005, the Federal Government spent more than $2.5 million on “a suite of telecommunications services” for APY communities and homelands. This included funding for a UHF CB radio network.... read on

Mullighan Inquiry: informing and empowering Anangu

On 30 April 2008, the Mullighan Inquiry highlighted the critical importance of making communities on the APY Lands safe and of empowering Anangu to address the problem of child sexual abuse. For Commissioner Mullighan these two goals needed to be addressed concurrently and as “first priorities.”... read on

APY Lands: South Australia Police’s radio show

In 2004 South Australia Police began broadcasting a weekly radio show on PY Media’s radio station (5NPY). The show helped keep Anangu informed about what SAPOL was doing on the APY Lands... read on

APY Lands: Tjungungku Kuranyukutu Palyantjaku’s communication strategy

Tjungungku Kuranyukutu Palyantjaku (TKP) was the peak body for service planning and provision on the APY Lands. When TKP was established in 2005, its members acknowledged the importance of making sure Anangu were well-informed about its work and decisions... read on

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