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Simon Cohen on Telecommunications

This week’s interview is with Australia’s Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), Mr Simon Cohen. The role of the office of the TIO is to help to settle disputes or complaints between customers and their phone and... read on

Peter Buckskin on Aboriginal languages

This Paper Tracker radio interview was recorded on 16 June 2014, with Professor Peter Buckskin, the Dean of Aboriginal Scholarship at the University of South Australia. Professor Buckskin talks about the importance of maintaining and... read on

Nerida Saunders on Aboriginal Affairs

This week’s Paper Tracker radio interview is with Nerida Saunders, the Executive Director of the Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division within the South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC-AARD). Nerida talks about the... read on

Interview with Jonathan Nicholls

In this interview, which is Jonathan Nicholls’ last Paper Tracker radio show, he introduces listeners to Sue Tilley who is taking over from him at the Paper Tracker Project. Sue conducts the interview with Jonathan, who... read on

Interview with Yami Lester

Yankunytjatjara elder Yami Lester lives at Wallatinna, a homeland on the eastern side of the APY Lands. In this interview, Yami discusses the early days of the Pitjantjatjara Council and the struggle for Anangu land... read on

Program 61: Paper Tracker is Changing (part 2)

In this program, we play the second part of an extended interview with Jonathan Nicholls. In this part, Jonathan explains the future direction of the Paper Tracker project including some fundamental issues and key topics.... read on

Program 60: Paper Tracker is Changing (part 1)

This program features the first part of an extended interview with Uniting Communities‘ Jonathan Nicholls about the outcomes of a recent review of the Paper Tracker project.... read on

Interview with Karina Lester

Karina Lester is the Aboriginal Language Worker with the University of Adelaide’s Mobile Language Team. In this role, she hosts the weekly Nganampa Wangka radio show. She also supports a number of language projects designed... read on

Interview with Jonathan Nicholls

Uniting Communities has recently reviewed the Paper Tracker project. In this interview, Peter McDonald talks with Jonathan Nicholls about the project’s first five years, what the review found and how the focus of the Paper... read on

Program 26: Ara Irititja (part two)

This program features the second part of an extended interview with John Dallwitz from the Ara Irititja Project. The Project began in 1994 and returns photos, sound recordings, films and other materials to Anangu via... read on

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