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Interview with Ben Stewart

Ben Stewart from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure talks us through recent changes to the State’s Motor Vehicle Act that are expected to make is easier for Anangu to get a driver’s licence if they live on the APY or Maralinga Tjarutja Lands... read on

Interview with Ben Stewart and Shane Pilot

Ben Stewart and Shane Pilot from the SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure discuss the origin and roll-out of a “child restraint project” on the APY Lands.... read on

Program 77: Driving with babies and children

Keeping Anangu babies and children safe in cars is at the heart of a government-funded project... read on

Program 15: Palya Fund

The Palya Fund raises money for key projects on the APY Lands. Judge Peter McKusker is one of its trustees. On today’s program, Judge McKusker talks with the Paper Tracker about the Palya Fund and... read on

State Plan: driver’s licences and Anangu

The South Australian Government is working hard to reduce the State’s road toll, in part by increasing the skills and experience of new drivers. Since 2005, anyone wanting to obtain a South Australian motor vehicle license has been required to complete a considerable number of hours of supervised driving... read on

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