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Interview with Judge Peter McKusker

Peter McKusker is a passionate supporter of Anangu artists and their communities. In this interview he talks about his work with the Palya Fund, a charitable trust set up to fund projects of critical importance... read on

APY Lands: housing for art centre staff

For many years, a lack of dedicated staff housing has undermined the viability of some art centres on the APY Lands. In 2011, the Australian and South Australian Government allocated $1.1 million to “facilitate the building and refurbishment of art centre staff houses” in Amata, Mimili, Pipalyatjara and Pukatja... read on

Nyapari: art centre renovations and expansion

Tjungu Palya is an Anangu-controlled arts organisation based in Nyapari. In mid 2009, the Federal Government allocated over $600,000 to Tjungu Palya to enable it to refurbish its existing art centre and build... read on

Kaltjiti: funding for art worker training program

In March 2008, the Federal Government announced that it would provide $51,000 towards the costs of employing a “training mentor” to work with artists in Kaltjiti. This 12-month funding commitment was part of broader efforts to provide Anangu with the skills and experience... read on

Amata: new arts centre

Tjala Arts at Amata is owned and managed by local Anangu artists. In June 2007, the South Australian Government announced that it would contribute half of the funding needed to build Tjala Arts a new home... read on

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