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Program 32: Government Accountability and the Mullighan Inquiry

In this program, the Paper Tracker looks at the South Australian Government’s ongoing response to the recommendations of the Mullighan Inquiry into child sexual abuse on the APY Lands. This includes talking with former SA... read on

Interview with Sandra Kanck

Sandra Kanck was a Member of the South Australian Parliament for more that 15 years (1993 to 2009). In this interview, Sandra talks about government accountability and how the Australian Democrats got the SA Parliament... read on

Amata and Mimili: tracking government expenditure

In late 2008, the Australian, State and Territory Governments agreed to focus their efforts and resources on improving conditions in 29 remote Indigenous communities. Two of these communities are located on the APY Lands... read on

Program 24: Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services

Brian Gleeson is the Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services. In this program, he discusses his work with 29 remote communities, including Amata and Mimili. Brian also talks about some of the recommendations contained in... read on

Interview with Brian Gleeson

Two and a half years ago, the Australian Government appointed Brian Gleeson as the first Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services. In this interview, Brian talks about his role and how it helps to “drive”... read on

Program 7: Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement

Khatija Thomas works for the South Australian Government as a Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement. On this program, Rose Lester talks with Khatija about her role and what it means for people in remote Aboriginal communities.... read on

Program 1: Introducing the Paper Tracker

Rose Lester talks with Jonathan Nicholls about the origin and goals of the Anangu Lands Paper Tracker project and the decision to launch a weekly radio show.... read on

Coordinator-General for Remote Indigenous Services

In February 2009, the Federal Government announced that it would create a Coordinator-General for Remote Indigenous Services to “drive the implementation of … reforms across a range of areas including service delivery, employment and housing”... read on

Mullighan Inquiry: informing and empowering Anangu

On 30 April 2008, the Mullighan Inquiry highlighted the critical importance of making communities on the APY Lands safe and of empowering Anangu to address the problem of child sexual abuse. For Commissioner Mullighan these two goals needed to be addressed concurrently and as “first priorities.”... read on

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