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State Election – Australian Conservatives

This week’s interview is the third in our series on the South Australia State election. On 17 March, South Australians will be voting to choose which people and parties will sit in State Parliament for... read on

Ombudsman visits APY Lands

In this week’s interview, we talk about the work of the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman and their planned visit to the APY Lands. An ombudsman is an independent person who can investigate and sort... read on

Treaty Discussions for South Australia

This week’s interview focuses on treaties. We talk about what they are and about the current discussions in South Australia about a possible treaty or treaties between the Government and South Australian Aboriginal peoples. A... read on

Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee’s Annual Report

On 19th October, the SA Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee tabled its Annual Report for 2015-2016 in Parliament. The Hansard transcript provides details of the discussions that were held when the report was tabled in Parliament.... read on

Follow-up audit of APY – Any improvement in accountability?

The APY Lands get funding through State and Federal Government grants. A report by Ernst & Young in April 2016 indicates that during the 2014-15 financial year, there were 15 government funding agreements with APY.... read on

George Masri – Office of Commonwealth Ombudsman

In this interview, we find out about how we can make a formal complaint about a government department or a government official if we believe that they are not carrying out their responsibilities properly or... read on

Update on amendments to APY Land Rights Act

The Anangu Lands Paper Tracker has continued to follow what has been happening with the the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Rights (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2016 since it was introduced in Parliament on 22 June 2016. This draft... read on

David Caruso on Aboriginal Heritage Act

This week’s Paper Tracker interview is with the President of the Society, Mr David Caruso. We find out about the work of the Law Society of South Australia and we hear about Mr Caruso’s views on proposed... read on

Update from Tammy Franks MLC

This weeks Paper Tracker interview is with the Honourable Tammy Franks MLC from the SA Greens Party and a member of the SA Legislative Council and the Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee. Tammy shares her thoughts... read on

Minister Kyam Maher – Update Part 2

This week’s Paper Tracker interview includes the second part of a discussion with the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, Minister Kyam Maher. The Minister talks about the Federal Government’s Closing the Gap Report, and shares... read on

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