Program 354: Vision 2020 on keeping eyes strong

Posted on 5 April 2019 under Good News & Radio Programs.
Radio Program 354
Judith Abbott, CEO Vision 2020 Australia

Judith Abbott, CEO Vision 2020 Australia

In this week’s program, we find out about an important initiative to end the gap in poor eye health and vision loss, through the work of Vision 2020 Australia.

Vision 2020 Australia is the peak body for the eye health sector and it’s calling for action to make sure that First Nation peoples have the same access to eye care as everyone else in Australia.

To find out more about this initiative and its five year plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health and vision – called Strong Eyes, Strong Communities – we’re going to be talking with Judith Abbott who is the Chief Executive Officer of Vision 2020 Australia.

To find out more about these issues and for more information about Vision 2020 Australia and the Strong Eyes, Strong Communities Plan, see


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