Program 322: Update on Community Patrols

Posted on 28 June 2018 under APY Lands, Employment, Good News & Radio Programs.
Radio Program 322
Bob Smith, Community Programs Manager

Bob Smith, Community Programs Manager

In this week’s Anangu Lands Paper Tracker radio program, we get an update on the Community Patrols Program on the APY Lands.

The focus of the Community Patrols Program is to work with the community, service providers and the police to improve community safety.

In a previous Paper Tracker interview, we talked with Bob Smith, the Manager of the Community Patrols Program, as well as Anangu who’ve been involved in the Program.

In this show, we hear about how things are travelling with the Program and we talk again with Bob Smith and also with Arshaan Khan who is the Community Patrol Co-ordinator for the APY Eastern Communities.

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