Program 224: Update from Tammy Franks MLC

Posted on 3 May 2016 under APY Lands, Kidney Disease, Pukatja, Radio Programs & Tracking.
Radio Program 224
The Hon Tammy Franks MLC

The Hon Tammy Franks MLC

During this week’s Paper Tracker radio program we hear from the SA Greens Party and we talk to the Honourable Tammy Franks MLC who is a member of the SA Legislative Council and a member of the Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee.

Tammy shares her thoughts on the recent changes to the SA Aboriginal Heritage Act and the process that was followed – she is concerned about the lack of proper consultation with communities about the final version of the draft legislation that was taken to Parliament.

She also talks about community-based dialysis, the Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, and the Government’s promise that community street lights will be fixed soon.

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