Third interview with Sarah Brown

Posted on 6 September 2013 under Kidney Disease, Pukatja & Radio Interviews.
Tags: dialysis
English with interpretation
Interview with Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara interpretation
Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown work for Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku (also known as ‘Western Desert Dialysis’). This is an organisation Pintupi and Luritja people set up more than 10 years ago to help people get dialysis in their home communities or, until that’s possible, to stay strong and be well-supported in Alice Springs.

In her third Paper Tracker interview, Sarah talks about the organisation’s expanding work, including the opening of a new regional dialysis unit in Lajamanu.

She also talks about the Federal Government’s offer to provide $1.8 million for the construction of a permanent dialysis facility in Pukatja on the APY Lands. Sarah also explains how the roll-out of an ‘activity-based funding’ formula across Australia’s health sector could make it much easier to find the money needed to run the proposed facility.

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