Program 118: Safe and smart power

Posted on 28 January 2014 under Radio Programs.
Radio Program 118
Jacqui Semmler

Jacqui Semmler

Bushlight is part of the Centre for Appropriate Technology, an organisation that helps Aboriginal communities become smarter in the way they use electricity.

In 2013, Bushlight ran a ‘demand management community education program’ for the South Australian Government.

As part of this work, Bushlight visited many Anangu communities to see how power was being used and to share “good information … on how to use less power and how to use it safely.”1

Jacqui Semmler works for Bushlight as an Energy Efficiency Project Manager.

This program features an interview we recorded with Jacqui in October 2013 shortly after Bushlight had reported to the SA Government on the findings of its Anangu community visits.

The broadcasting of this interview was postponed to coincide with the release – in early 2014 – of a special community-focused version of Bushlight’s report.

Click here to download a copy of the ‘Safe and Smart Power Program’ report (file size: 4.1MB)


  1. Bushlight/Government of South Australia. July 2013, “Safe and Smart Power Program: Demand Management Community Education Program”, report, p3.
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