Program 320: RASAC and the CDP

Posted on 15 June 2018 under APY Lands, Employment, Income management & Radio Programs.
Radio Program 320
Mark Jackman & Madonna Tomes, RASAC

Mark Jackman & Madonna Tomes, RASAC

In this week’s Anangu Lands Paper Tracker radio program, we talk about changes to the service provider that will be managing the Community Development Program, CDP across Region 19 that includes the APY Lands.

The Community Development Program or CDP is the work-for the dole program in remote communities across Australia.

The Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation (RASAC) has recently won the government tender to administer the CDP Program in Region 19 and will be taking over this role from Skillhire.

To find out about the new role for RASAC and how it plans to work with communities under the CDP, we talk with Mark Jackman who is the General Manager of the Regional Anangu Services Aboriginal Corporation (RASAC) and Madonna Tomes who is responsible for Human Resources at RASAC.

In a follow-up interview which we’re planning for later this year, we’ll be talking with RASAC in more detail about the planned changes to CDP that the Government has recently announced.

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