Program 249: Prof Carapetis on Rheumatic Heart Disease

Posted on 1 November 2016 under Radio Programs, Tracking & Uncategorized.
Radio Program 249
Prof Jonathan Carapetis

Prof Jonathan Carapetis

In this week’s program, we find out about Rheumatic Heart Disease, which affects a lot of people living in regional and remote communities across Australia. We’ll be getting a better understanding of what it is, what causes it, how it affects our bodies and what can be done to prevent this disease.

To find out about Rheumatic Heart Disease we chat with Professor Jonathan Carapetis, a paediatrician and a specialist in treating and researching infectious diseases. Professor Carapetis is the head researcher at the Telethon Kids Institute which is based in Perth, Western Australia. The Telethon Kids Institute is a medical research institute that focuses on the prevention of children’s diseases and ways to treat and improve the health and wellbeing of children.

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