Program 254: MoneyMob talks about book-up

Posted on 5 December 2016 under APY Lands & Radio Programs.
Radio Program 254
Carolyn Cartwright (MoneyMob Talkabout) and Rose Lester (Paper Tracker)

Carolyn Cartwright (MoneyMob Talkabout) and Rose Lester (Paper Tracker)

This week’s Anangu Lands Paper Tracker radio program is about the work that’s being done by MoneyMob Talkabout, which is a community based program delivering financial literacy education with and for people in remote Aboriginal communities.

We find out about what MoneyMob has been busy with and we also learn about two important legal challenges that have been taken about bad practices that have been happening in some stores and that have affected Anangu customers.

We hear about ‘book-up’ which has been an ongoing problem in the Mintabie township in the far north of South Australia. ‘Book-up’ is the practice of store owners taking customers’ debit cards and PIN numbers that are linked to a bank account into which their income or benefits are paid, as security for things they buy on credit. This arrangement gives the store owners free and easy access to customers’ accounts and to their money. We’ll be finding out about the recent Federal Court judgement about ‘book-up’.

We also find out about how some customers have been affected by bad practices that have been going on at Cash Converters and other ‘pay-day lenders’.

To tell us about the work of MoneyMob and about the recent legal challenges about bad practices in some stores, we chat with Carolyn Cartwright who is the Managing Director of MoneyMob Talkabout.

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