Program 301: Mobile coverage on APY Lands

Posted on 31 January 2018 under Amata, APY Lands, Good News & Radio Programs.
Radio Program 301
Mark Bolton and Rosemary Lester

Mark Bolton and Rosemary Lester

In this program, we find out about the roll-out of mobile phone access across the APY Lands.

In November 2017, a Telstra mobile base station was switched on in the Anangu community of Amata on the APY Lands. This gave residents of Amata mobile access for the first time.

The Telstra base station was built under the Federal Government’s mobile phone black spot program and is the first of six towers to be built across the APY Lands.

We talk with Mr Mark Bolton who is a General Manager with Telstra in South Australia. He tells us about the mobile tower in Amata and the plans to build additional towers across the Lands.

This program includes three music tracks:

  • ‘Ring, ring’ by Abba.
  • ‘Dancing (with my spirit)’ by Archie Roach, from the album “Speaking Out” produced by ABC Radio.
  • ‘Everybody’s talking’ by Frank Yamma and Piranpa, from the album “Speaking Out” produced by ABC Radio.
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