Program 299: Justice reinvestment and imprisonment

Posted on 29 November 2017 under Looking Ahead & Radio Programs.
Radio Program 299
Robyn Layton and Jennifer Duncan

Robyn Layton and Jennifer Duncan

In this week’s program, we find out about justice reinvestment. We find out what it is, what it involves, and the reasons for developing this different approach to dealing with crime and with supporting people who might get caught up in the justice system.

We talk about some examples of where the justice reinvestment approach has been tried and we find out about a group of individuals and organisations in South Australia that have come together to form Justice Reinvestment SA, which aims to build stronger and safer communities by using a justice reinvestment approach.

To find out more about justice reinvestment, we talk with the Chairperson of Justice Reinvestment SA, the Honorable Doctor Robyn Layton AO QC and with Jennifer Duncan, the Deputy Chairperson of Justice Reinvestment SA and the CEO of the not-for profit-organisation, ‘Time for Kids’.

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