Interview with Andrew Laming MP

Posted on 26 July 2013 under Kidney Disease & Radio Interviews.
Tags: dialysis
English with interpretation
Interview with Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara interpretation
Andrew Laming MP

Andrew Laming MP

Andrew Laming MP is the Coalition spokesperson for Indigenous health. In this role, he has spoken out strongly on the need for State, Territory and Federal Governments to get serious about the problem of kidney disease in Central and Northern Australia.

In June 2013, Andrew described the inability of governments to “grind out” a deal for Aboriginal dialysis patients as “one of the emerging health tragedies of 2013.”

In this interview, Andrew talks about the importance of the 2011 Central Australia Renal Study and what Anangu dialysis patients can expect to happen if the Coalition wins government later this year.

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