Program 227: Essential Services Commission and Power Outages

Radio Program 227
Adam Wilson, CEO of ESCOSA

Adam Wilson, CEO of ESCOSA

This week’s program is about the supply of electricity to remote Anangu communities. It is the first program in a series that is focusing on the supply of power and the effects of power outages on Anangu communities.

This first program in the series includes an interview with the Chief Executive Officer of the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA), Mr Adam Wilson. Adam explains what ESCOSA is and what it is responsible for. He tells us about the different responsibilities of generating, transmitting and retailing electricity and who is responsible for each of these areas. We learn about the Remote Areas Energy Supply (RAES) scheme and about how the supply of electricity to off-grid communities is managed.

In our next programs, we’ll be hearing from the Department for State Development, which is responsible for managing the contracting of companies that supply electricity to communities; and we’ll also hear from communities about their views on the power supply and how they are affected when there are power outages.

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