David Schomburgk (Mai Wiru) on Food Security – Part 2

English with interpretation
Interview with Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara interpretation
David Schombergk, General Manager of Mai Wiru, and Mr Robert Stevens

David Schombergk, General Manager of Mai Wiru, and Mr Robert Stevens

This is the second part of an interview with the General Manager of the Mai Wiru Regional Stores Council Aboriginal Corporation, David Schomburgk.

In this part of the interview, David comments on the South Australia Government’s APY Lands Food Security Strategy and the work of the APY Executive Action Team (APY EAT) that was established to oversee the implementation of the Strategy. He highlights the two issues that became the main focus of the Strategy – financial literacy and freight services to provide more affordable and fresh food to the Lands.

David lets listeners know about Mai Wiru’s new freight service that buys fresh food and goods in Adelaide and provides these to APY community stores each week, within 48 hours of the goods having been bought in Adelaide. This initiative means that Anangu are able to get cheaper and fresher produce.

Mai Wiru was financially supported by the Australian Government to develop and redefine its business plan for a freight service to the Lands.

In the initial development of the project, Mai Wiru was provided with advice by Foodbank SA and other corporate companies.

Foodbank SA is a not-for-profit social enterprise which is an umbrella organisation for more than 750 other charitable organisations including welfare groups, soup kitchens, homeless hostels and school breakfast programmes. Foodbank SA sources and distributes healthy food in bulk through extensive, efficient warehousing and freight systems.

David highlights that the Mai Wiru freight service is no longer reliant on government funding and that Anangu can feel proud about Mai Wiru being an Anangu-owned and controlled organisation that is providing this excellent service to APY communities. Mai Wiru intends to expand training and job opportunities for Anangu through its warehousing, retailing and freight service.

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