Bernie Clarke on the Church and the APY Lands

English with interpretation
Interview with Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara interpretation
Bernie Clarke (far right) at Synod Congress

Bernie Clarke (far right) at Synod Congress

This interview is with the Reverend Bernie Clarke, who for many years was a ‘malpa’ (helping friend) to Anangu and who was involved with the Uniting Church on the APY Lands.

Revd Bernie Clarke is interviewed by the Revd Peter McDonald and they talk about the early days on the Lands; how decisions that affected Anangu were made far away in urban centres; the role of the Uniting Church; the introduction of ‘self determination’ and how this was interpreted and some of the effects of this; and about the planning that went into establishing the Paper Tracker Project in order to provide a response to the growing need to monitor government promises and to provide Anangu with information about what governments say and do.

They talk about how The Paper Tracker Project was born and the involvement and contribution of a number of people, including Jonathan Nicholls, in developing the Paper Tracker Project.

NOTE: It is acknowledged that Reverend Clarke mentioned names of people who have passed since this program was recorded. As a mark of respect, these names have been edited out of the program.



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