Yalata is an Anangu community on the west coast of South Australia. It is home to about 300 people.

Yalata holds the title to its land under a 99-year lease from the Aboriginal Lands Trust.


Electricity in Anangu communities: annual report released

Since mid 2010, the South Australian Government has held a licence to generate and retail electricity in remote Anangu communities. Under the terms of the licence, the responsible Minister must submit an “annual return” to... read on

Anangu Lands: recruiting Community Constables

South Australia Police receives funding to employ 12 Community Constables on the APY Lands and in Yalata. In November 2011, nine of these positions were vacant (75%). In one community, the local Community Constable position had been empty for over eight years... read on

Coronial Inquest: six Anangu deaths

In 2011, the South Australian Deputy Coroner conducted an inquest into the deaths of six Anangu. The average age of the deceased was 38 years. All of the deceased came from Yalata or had strong connections with that community. The findings of the inquest were handed down ... read on

Australia Day award for Yalata leader

Last week, Anangu leader – Mima Smart – was awarded an Order of Australian Medal (OAM) for “service to the Indigenous community in South Australia.” For many years, Mima has carried out important leadership roles.... read on

Anangu communities: electricity licence

In June 2010, the South Australian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation was granted a licence to generate and retail electricity on the APY Lands and in the Anangu communities of Yalata and Oak Valley. The licence required the Minister to use his or her “best endeavours to minimise the frequency and duration” of power outages... read on

Yalata: demolition of old roadhouse

In February 2006, serious concerns about the safety of the Yalata roadhouse led to its closure. The building contains a large amount of asbestos. The presence of this material has been recognised as “a health and safety concern”... read on

Yalata: comprehensive agreement and long-term priorities

In September 2007, the Federal Government and Yalata community signed a “comprehensive shared responsibility agreement”. The aim of the agreement was to address local priorities and “pressing community needs”... read on

Coronial Inquest: death of man at Yalata

On 24 November 2008, the South Australian Coroner commenced an inquest into the death of an Anangu man at Yalata. Prior to his death in July 2005, the man had been a chronic petrol sniffer... read on

Evidence-based initiatives: impact of swimming pools

Many children living in remote Anangu communities suffer from ear disease and hearing loss. Middle ear infections can affect a child’s education and social development and have “serious implications for vocational opportunities and mental health”... read on

Yalata: school building program

In June 2008, the South Australian Government allocated $2 million over three years to upgrade facilities at Yalata Anangu School... read on

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