Yalata is an Anangu community on the west coast of South Australia. It is home to about 300 people.

Yalata holds the title to its land under a 99-year lease from the Aboriginal Lands Trust.


Anangu school changes delayed

This year, the SA Government has been working on plans to overhaul the way schools operate in Anangu communities. The timeframe for trialling some of these changes has now been pushed back... read on

Housing SA corrects record on average house rent

In April, Housing SA told us that the average weekly rent for 275 houses on the APY Lands at the end of 2012 had been around $32 per property. That advice was wrong... read on

Aboriginal Lands Trust Bill introduced into SA Parliament

The South Australian Government has introduced legislation into Parliament to strengthen the Aboriginal Lands Trust and “unlock the commercial potential” of its substantial land holdings... read on

Voting in Anangu communities (Federal Election)

Mobile polling for the upcoming Federal Election will be offered in 14 Anangu communities next week. Voting booths will be open for various periods of time ranging from 1 hour in Watarru to more than 7 hours in Pukatja... read on

SA Police struggles to recruit Anangu staff

Two-thirds of Community Constable positions on the APY Lands and in Yalata are currently vacant. Some of these positions have not been filled for many, many years... read on

Dialysis bus visits Yalata

Last month, a mobile dialysis bus made it possible for eight Anangu patients to spend more than a week in their home communities... read on

Government gets feedback on draft legislation

The SA Government is planning to update the Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966 later this year. So government officers have been out and about gathering feedback from Aboriginal communities and stakeholders on the proposed legislative changes.... read on

Interview with Nerida Saunders and Sarah Avey

Nerida Saunders and Sarah Avey from the Government’s Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division discuss the draft Aboriginal Lands Trust Bill and what it could mean for Aboriginal people across the State... read on

Opal fuel roll-out to Yalata: timeframe extended

Since 2006, the Australian and South Australian Governments have been working on plans to make Opal fuel available in Yalata. The timeframe for completing this project has just been extended for the seventh time... read on

Anangu students in Adelaide

Many Anangu students complete some of their high school education in Adelaide through the Wiltja Program. Most of these students are accommodated at the Wiltja Residence, an accommodation centre for Aboriginal students located in the... read on

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