Umoona is the Aboriginal community at Coober Pedy. It is home to more than 100 people.

Umoona holds the title to its land under a 99-year lease from the Aboriginal Lands Trust.


March 2009 visit to the APY Lands and Umoona

In mid March 2009, the Paper Tracker spent five days visiting communities in the eastern-half of the APY Lands and Umoona community in Coober Pedy... read on

Umoona: funding for 2008/09 and future arrangements

In September 2006, the Federal Government announced plans to dramatically end a long-standing funding arrangement with Umoona Community Council... read on

Aboriginal Lands Trust: review of Act

In 1966, the Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966 provided Aboriginal communities across South Australia with the secure title to significant parcels of lands. More than forty years later, this ground-breaking legislation is no longer able to support the social and economic aspirations of Umoona, Yalata and other Trust communities... read on

Umoona: short-term transitional accommodation

Since 2003, South Australian government agencies have been working on establishing a transitional accommodation centre in Coober Pedy. The proposed centre will provide transient and homeless Aboriginal people with a safe and affordable place to stay when visiting the town... read on

Umoona: funding for 2007/08

Umoona is an Anangu community located within the District Council of Coober Pedy. In September 2006, the Federal Government announced that its main funding commitment to Umoona would end... read on

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