Program 195: Tauto Sansbury: Critical Issues

This week’s program includes an interview with Mr Tauto Sansbury, a Narungga Elder and winner of the 2015 NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award. He talks about the Indigenous Leaders’ Roundtable on Economic Development and Property Rights, compensation for the Stolen Generation, Constitutional Recognition and the South Australian Royal Commission into Nuclear Energy... read on

DSD-AAR Progress on Lands Report – How will we know if progress is being made?

The Department of State Development’s Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation’s (DSD-AAR) latest ‘Progress on the APY Lands’ report covers the period January to December 2014. It was posted on the DSD-AAR website in August 2015; almost... read on

Program 192: Sarah Brown on Community-based Dialysis

This week’s radio program includes an interview with Sarah Brown from Western Desert Dialysis Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku. Sarah highlights the huge positive difference it makes when people with renal disease are able to stay home in community with their family... read on

Program 190: Commissioner’s consultations on Forrest Review

This week’s program includes an interview with the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement, Khatija Thomas. The focus is on the Commissioner’s community consultations about the Forrest Review of Indigenous Jobs and Training... read on

Audit of APY finances

A joint media release on Monday 13 July 2015, from the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, and South Australian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, Kyam Maher, state that a forensic audit will... read on

Community Consultations on Forrest Review

In 2013, the Prime Minister asked Mr Andrew (or ‘Twiggy’) Forrest, Chairperson of Fortescue Metals, to lead a Review of Indigenous Training and Employment Programmes across Australia. Mr Forrest’s Review was finalised and he provided... read on

Who is monitoring the implementation of the recommendations of the Mullighan Inquiry?

The Government’s fifth and final report on the implementation of the Children on the APY Lands (Mullighan) Commission of Inquiry’s recommendations was tabled in Parliament in November 2013. This report states that: ‘As this is... read on

Program 176: Minister Nigel Scullion – Update

This week’s radio show includes an interview with the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Minister Nigel Scullion, who provides an update on a number of important issues... read on

Changes to Remote Jobs and Communities Programme

As from 1 July 2015, the changes to the Remote Jobs and Communities Programme (RJCP) will be implemented. These changes represent a reform by the Australian Government and will affect remote Aboriginal communities across Australia... read on

Reinstatement of drug and alcohol services funding

ANOTHER FUNDING EXTENSION! Having previously been informed that their funding was being cut, alcohol and drug treatment organisations which receive funding from the Australian Government have had their funding extended until 30 June 2016. Here is... read on

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