Radio Programs

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Our weekly radio show makes it easier to understand what governments are saying and doing in Anangu communities.

Parts of each program are in Pitjantjatjara/ Yankunytjatjara. Other parts are in English.

The half-hour show is hosted by Rose Lester and Sue Tilley and recorded at Radio Adelaide.

It can be heard online and on metropolitan, regional and remote radio stations.


Program 356: News from Ara Irititja

In this week’s Anangu Lands Paper Tracker radio show, we get an update from Dora and John Dallwitz who are involved in the Ara Irititja Project – meaning, ‘Stories from a long time ago’... read on

Program 355: Bikes Palya and Zibeon Fielding’s Tour d’APY!

In this week’s Paper Tracker radio show, we talk with Joey Fagan from ‘Bikes Palya’ and their involvement in Zibeon Fielding’s 700 km fundraiser bicycle ride across the APY Lands... read on

Program 354: Vision 2020 on keeping eyes strong

In this week’s program, we find out about the work of Vision 2020 Australia and talk with its CEO, Judith Abbott, about the plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health and vision – called Strong Eyes, Strong Communities... read on

Program 353: MoneyMob Talkabout on Banking Commission

In this week’s program, we talk about some of the issues that have been highlighted in the Banking Royal Commission. We chat with Carolyn Cartwright who is the Managing Director of MoneyMob Talkabout... read on

Program 352: Ngangkari in SA Hospitals and Clinics

In this week’s program, we find out about the Ngankari Health Program that is connected to a number of SA Health public hospitals and clinics. We talk with Mr Kurt Towers, Executive Director, Watto Paruna Aboriginal Health for the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network... read on

Program 351: Ceduna Youth Hub

In this week’s program, we find out about the Ceduna Youth Hub. We chat with the Youth Hub Co-ordinator, Peter Jericho, and with two of the Youth Hub workers, Anderson and Stanley Willis... read on

Program 350: Premier on SA Aboriginal Action Plan

In this week’s program, we talk with the Premier of South Australia, the Hon Steven Marshall MP, who is also the South Australia Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation. We talk with the Premier about... read on

Program 349: Responses to Closing the Gap and CDP

In this week’s program, we talk with John Paterson, CEO of Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT, about the 11th Closing the Gap Report and about a proposal that offers an alternative model to the existing Community Development Program (CDP)... read on

Program 348: Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People

In this week’s program, we find out about the new position recently created in South Australia – the Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People. We chat with the new Commissioner, April Lawrie... read on

Program 347: Progress with APY Road

In this week’s Paper Tracker radio program, we hear about how things are going with the upgrading of the APY Road. We talk with Jon Whelan, General Manager – Infrastructure, at the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure... read on

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