Radio Interviews

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The Paper Tracker Radio Show features interviews with key people and organisations.

The full interviews are posted on this page as separate sound recordings. They can be listened to online or downloaded to a computer or portable device.

Since 2012, most interviews have been available in two formats:

  • English with Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara interpretation, and
  • an English-only version.


Interview with Mark Zadow

Senior Sergeant Mark Zadow is the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employee Coordinator with South Australia Police. His role includes supporting Anangu into positions as Police Aboriginal Liaison Officers and Community Constables. In this interview,... read on

Interview with Hon Kelly Vincent MLC

Kelly Vincent was elected to the South Australian Parliament in 2010. Kelly belongs to Dignity for Disability, a political party that provides a strong voice for people with disabilities and their carers. In this interview,... read on

Second Interview with Linnett Sanchez

Between 2009 and 2011, a team of researchers regularly tested the ear health and hearing of more than 800 Anangu children. Linnett Sanchez, an audiologist and researcher from Flinders University, headed up this investigation that... read on

Interview with Michelle Young

Michelle Young is the Manager of Tjanpi Desert Weavers, a social enterprise that supports hundreds of Anangu women in the production of glorious baskets and other works of arts. Tjanpi Desert Weavers won the 2012... read on

Interview with Mark Connelly

Mark Connelly manages the new trade training centre at Umuwa on the APY Lands. Beginning in 2013, Anangu secondary school students will be able to learn skills at the centre that should make it easier... read on

Interview with David Schomburgk

David Schomburgk is the Acting General Manager for the Mai Wiru Regional Stores Council. In this interview, David explains some of the work being done to make it easier for Anangu families to make healthy... read on

Interview with Jacqui Semmler

Jacqui Semmler works for Bushlight, an organisation that has been helping Aboriginal communities access safe, reliable and efficient sources of electricity for over ten years. In this interview, Jacqui talks about a project Bushlight is... read on

Interview with Karina Lester

Karina Lester is the Aboriginal Language Worker with the University of Adelaide’s Mobile Language Team. In this role, she hosts the weekly Nganampa Wangka radio show. She also supports a number of language projects designed... read on

Interview with Jason Hayward-Jones

Jason Hayward-Jones is the General Manager of Regional Anangu Services (RASAC), an organisation that provides a range of services and employment opportunities on the APY Lands. In this interview, Jason talks to Rose Lester and... read on

Interview with Jonathan Nicholls

Uniting Communities has recently reviewed the Paper Tracker project. In this interview, Peter McDonald talks with Jonathan Nicholls about the project’s first five years, what the review found and how the focus of the Paper... read on

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