Pukatja is a community on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands). Its other name is Ernabella.

Pukatja and the surrounding homelands are home to more than 500 people.


Third interview with Sarah Brown

In this interview, Sarah Brown discusses the Federal Government’s offer to cover the cost of building a permanent dialysis facility in Pukatja... read on

Funding for dialysis in Pukatja

The Australian Government is offering to cover the cost of establishing a dialysis facility on the APY Lands. But there’s a problem... read on

Ernabella Arts on show in Adelaide

Ernabella Arts was established in 1948. It is the longest running Indigenous art centre in Australia. Warka irititja munu kuwari kutu: work from the past and present, an exhibition of works produced by the artists... read on

Ernabella in Print

An exhibition showcasing historical and contemporary printmaking at Ernabella Arts opens in Adelaide later this week.... read on

Pukatja, Amata and Mimili: family wellbeing centres

In mid 2008, the South Australian Government received $5 million from the Australian Government to build a court and administration centre at Umuwa on the APY Lands. The facility was never built. In September 2011, the State and Federal Governments announced that this funding would be redirected to establish Family Wellbeing Centres in three Anangu communities... read on

Pukatja: access to the internet

In mid 2009, the Commonwealth, States and Northern Territory Governments agreed to work together to improve public access to the internet in remote Aboriginal communities. Under the terms of the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Public Internet Access, priority was to be given to larger communities and to “communities that have no public internet access”... read on

Pukatja: Australian Army’s Aboriginal Community Assistance Program

The Australian Army’s Aboriginal Community Assistance Program was based in Pukatja from May to September 2010. During that time, the program completed a number of infrastructure projects... read on

Pukatja: new child parent and child care centres

A new $1.1 million child parent centre opened at Pukatja in late January 2009. Prior to its completion, the State Government had allocated additional funding for the construction of a separate child care centre... read on

Pukatja: new health clinic

In September 2006, a fire destroyed the health clinic at Pukatja... read on

Pukatja: restoration of old church building

The old church at Pukatja is the most prominent building in the community. During the 1990s, it fell into serious disrepair. In August 2008, the Federal Government announced that it would provide a $300,000 grant to restore and protect the building... read on

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