Mimili is a community on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands).

Mimili and the surrounding homelands are home to more than 250 people.


Mimili: swimming pool heater

In June 2010, the Federal Government provided funding for the purchase and installation of a swimming pool heater in Mimili to allow the local swimming pool to be used for an additional three months each year... read on

Amata and Mimili local implementation plans: our review

In mid 2010, the Australian Government released local implementation plans for two APY communities (Amata and Mimili). In August 2010, the Paper Tracker published the following review of the plans... read on

Amata and Mimili: government business managers

In late 2008, the Federal and State Governments agreed to establish Government Business Manager positions in Amata and Mimili. Appointments to these positions were announced in October 2009... read on

Amata and Mimili: National Agreement on Remote Service Delivery

In November 2008, the Council of Australian Governments agreed to a new National Partnership Agreement on Remote Service Delivery. The Agreement aims to improve the delivery and coordination of services... read on

Coordinator-General for Remote Indigenous Services

In February 2009, the Federal Government announced that it would create a Coordinator-General for Remote Indigenous Services to “drive the implementation of … reforms across a range of areas including service delivery, employment and housing”... read on

Evidence-based initiatives: impact of swimming pools

Many children living in remote Anangu communities suffer from ear disease and hearing loss. Middle ear infections can affect a child’s education and social development and have “serious implications for vocational opportunities and mental health”... read on

Mimili: bush foods enterprise and Anangu employment

In 2004, the State Government provided funding for the establishment of a bush foods garden in Mimili. The goals of the project included the establishment of a sustainable small-scale business and the provision of accredited training... read on

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