Making Decisions


Anangu have a right to be meaningfully involved in decisions that affect their lives. Key decisions should not be made without genuine input from Anangu.

The Paper Tracker monitors the way governments consult with Anangu and seek their input at critical points in time.


Interview with Jonathan Nicholls

In this interview, which is Jonathan Nicholls’ last Paper Tracker radio show, he introduces listeners to Sue Tilley who is taking over from him at the Paper Tracker Project. Sue conducts the interview with Jonathan, who... read on

Second interview with Mike Last

In the 1970s, Anangu came together to make regional decisions. Mike Last reflects on those times and the establishment of the Pitjantjatjara Council’s first Executive Group ... read on

Labor promise to fund Anangu Council of Elders

In the run-up to the 2014 Election, the SA Labor Party has promised, if re-elected, to provide funding for the work of the Tjukurpa Law and Culture Council of Elders... read on

Voting in Anangu communities

Mobile polling for the upcoming State Election will begin in Anangu communities on 4 March. Voting booths will open for various periods of time ranging from 1 hour in Watarru to 4 hours in Pukatja... read on

Interview with Mike Last

Mike Last’s connection with Anangu stretches back more than 40 years. This interview focuses on the period 1968 to 1976 when the winds of change coming out of Canberra began to transform the management of Anangu communities... read on

Interview with Yanyi Bandicha and Andrea Mason

Last year, the NPY Women’s Council won Reconciliation Australia’s Indigenous Governance Award for ‘outstanding governance in an Indigenous incorporated organisation’... read on

Voting in Anangu communities (Federal Election)

Mobile polling for the upcoming Federal Election will be offered in 14 Anangu communities next week. Voting booths will be open for various periods of time ranging from 1 hour in Watarru to more than 7 hours in Pukatja... read on

Interview with Colleen Rosas

Colleen Rosas is the Director of the Northern Territory Aboriginal Interpreter Service. In this interview, she talks about a push to improve interpreting services on the APY and Ngaanyatjarra Lands... read on

Possible review of APY governance: Minister’s visit

Next month, South Australia’s Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Minister heads up to the APY Lands for a four-day visit. While there, Minister Hunter plans to talk with Anangu about a possible review of APY governance... read on

APY stores review cancelled

The Australian Government has cancelled an independent review of all of the stores on the APY Lands. The review was supposed to “make sure” APY stores can sell food “at the lowest possible cost” and stock a “wide and healthy” range of items... read on

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