Making Decisions


Anangu have a right to be meaningfully involved in decisions that affect their lives. Key decisions should not be made without genuine input from Anangu.

The Paper Tracker monitors the way governments consult with Anangu and seek their input at critical points in time.


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Role of lead government agency to change

Last week, the SA Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation (Ian Hunter) announced an overhaul of the Government’s Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division... read on

Aboriginal Advisory Council: SA Government calls for nominations

Last week, the SA Government invited Aboriginal people to apply for a position on its Aboriginal Advisory Council. The Council which meets quarterly provides “high-level confidential advice” to government ministers and senior bureaucrats... read on

APY market gardens proposal: November 2010

In November 2010, the SA Department of Environment and Natural Resources outlined its proposal to establish market gardens on the APY Lands in a three-page document... read on

No APY conciliators

Under South Australian law, every Traditional Owner of the APY Lands should be able to appeal to a government-appointed conciliator if they are unhappy with a decision or action of the APY Executive Board. For more than a year and a half, however, no one had been appointed to this role... read on

Amata and Mimili: local implementation plans

In late 2008, the Australian and South Australian Governments agreed to formulate comprehensive “local implementation plans” to improve the delivery of services to Amata and Mimili. Under the terms of this agreement, these plans had to be developed in consultation with local Anangu... read on

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