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Access to appropriate and well-maintained housing is a fundamental human right.

In 2008, the South Australian Government agreed to build or upgrade more than 400 houses in remote Aboriginal communities over a ten-year period, mostly on Anangu land.

The Paper Tracker monitors the delivery, maintenance and management of housing in Anangu communities. This includes staff housing.


Housing in Anangu communities: new tenancy policies

The South Australian Government is developing a set of policies to strengthen the way housing tenancies are managed in remote Anangu communities... read on

Anangu housing: calculating and collecting rent

The South Australian Government is standardising the way Anangu housing is managed and maintained in remote communities. As part of this process, the Government developed a new formula for calculating household rent for new and upgraded housing... read on

APY Lands: housing for art centre staff

For many years, a lack of dedicated staff housing has undermined the viability of some art centres on the APY Lands. In 2011, the Australian and South Australian Government allocated $1.1 million to “facilitate the building and refurbishment of art centre staff houses” in Amata, Mimili, Pipalyatjara and Pukatja... read on

Housing on Anangu lands: tenancy support and training

The South Australian Government has agreed to build or upgrade more than 400 houses in remote Aboriginal communities by mid 2018. The bulk of these houses will be located on Anangu lands. As part of this effort, Housing SA is entering into new tenancy agreements with Anangu tenants... read on

APY Lands: employment and training in construction

Broad commitments by governments to train and employ Anangu in the construction and maintenance of houses and other buildings are commonplace on the APY Lands. In 2007 and 2008, such commitments were frequently made during negotiations for a $25 million housing program... read on

APY Lands: audit of housing and households

On 1 September 2008, an audit of existing housing stock on the APY Lands commenced. The audit aimed to determine the condition of the existing dwellings and establish the housing needs of the people living in them... read on

Recommendation 13: housing construction program

In August 2007, the Federal Government announced that it would provide the State Government with $25 million for a major housing program on the APY Lands... read on

Iwantja: new community housing

In December 2007, the South Australian Government called for tenders for the construction of nine new houses at Iwantja. This project sought to address the critical shortage of housing in that community... read on

Kaltjiti: aged care accommodation

In 2000/01, the South Australian Aboriginal Housing Authority allocated $250,000 for the building of a cluster of four aged care units at Kaltjiti. Construction work was completed the following year... read on

Kalka: aged care accommodation

Well-designed aged care accommodation can make it possible for elderly Anangu to continue to live on their traditional lands. For many years, the people of Kalka waited for a cluster of aged care units to be established in their community... read on

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