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Access to appropriate and well-maintained housing is a fundamental human right.

In 2008, the South Australian Government agreed to build or upgrade more than 400 houses in remote Aboriginal communities over a ten-year period, mostly on Anangu land.

The Paper Tracker monitors the delivery, maintenance and management of housing in Anangu communities. This includes staff housing.


Housing SA corrects record on average house rent

In April, Housing SA told us that the average weekly rent for 275 houses on the APY Lands at the end of 2012 had been around $32 per property. That advice was wrong... read on

Housing policy development stalls

For two years, Housing SA has been struggling to finalise some of its policies for Anangu tenants; specifically, the ‘appeals’ and ‘family violence’ policies... read on

Collecting the rent in Anangu communities

In recent years, Housing SA has changed the way it charges and collects rent for Anangu housing. Last month, 60% of 464 ‘rent payers’ on the APY Lands and in Yalata were more than four weeks behind in their rent.... read on

$3.4M accommodation centre to be built in Coober Pedy

Last week the SA Government announced plans to accelerate the construction of a $3.4 million transitional accommodation centre in Coober Pedy for transient and homeless Aboriginal people... read on

Housing audit identifies population growth and overcrowding

Housing SA recently completed a tenancy audit of Anangu community housing. The audit identified population growth in six communities... read on

Second Interview with Housing SA

In his second Paper Tracker interview, Housing SA’s Brendan Moran explains ongoing changes to the way houses are built, maintained and managed in Anangu communities. Brendan also talks about the timeframes Housing SA has set... read on

APY Lands: review of staff housing

There are more than 250 staff houses on the APY Lands. In mid 2010, the South Australian Government commenced a review of “staff housing needs” to, among other things, “explore opportunities for agencies to share housing so that ... read on

Interview with ATHOS (Aboriginal Transitional Housing and Outreach Service)

ATHOS is a new accommodation service for people from remote and regional Aboriginal  communities who are sleeping rough in Adelaide because they don’t have anywhere else to stay. In this interview, Claire Watkinson explains how... read on

Anangu housing: status reports

In recent years, Housing SA has played a much greater role in the construction and management of housing in remote Anangu communities. As part of a ten-year national agreement, Housing SA expects to build or upgrade more than 400 houses by 2018. Most of this work will occur in remote Anangu communities.... read on

Interview with Housing SA

In 2008, the Australian Government agreed to provide almost $300 million – over ten years – to build new houses and upgrade old ones in South Australia’s remote Aboriginal communities. In this interview, Brendan Moran... read on

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