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Employment opportunities are limited in remote Anangu communities.

The Paper Tracker monitors efforts to provide Anangu with real jobs.


Program 184: Eddie Hughes – Update on APY issues

This program includes an interview with Mr Eddie Hughes, the Member for the Giles Electorate, which includes the APY Lands. He shares his views about his recent trip to the APY Lands and the critical issues facing Anangu... read on

Program 182: Natural Resource Management on the Lands

This week’s radio program is about caring for country and natural resources. It includes an interview with Matthew Ward and Parry Agius from Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resources Management (AW NRM)... read on

DPTI’s Jon Whelan on the new APY road

This interview is with Mr Jon Whelan from the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. The interview was recorded on 17th April 2015. In 2013, the State Government committed $21 million in funding, in addition to... read on

Program 180: Jon Whelan (DPTI) on APY Road

This week’s radio programme is about the new APY road and includes an interview with Jon Whelan from the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. He gives an update on the progress with the road and talks about how the funding is managed... read on

Program 176: Minister Nigel Scullion – Update

This week’s radio show includes an interview with the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Minister Nigel Scullion, who provides an update on a number of important issues... read on

Minister Scullion – Updates

This week’s interview is with the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Minister Nigel Scullion.   The interview covers a range of issues including the future of municipal and essential services funding for remote communities and... read on

Changes to Remote Jobs and Communities Programme

As from 1 July 2015, the changes to the Remote Jobs and Communities Programme (RJCP) will be implemented. These changes represent a reform by the Australian Government and will affect remote Aboriginal communities across Australia... read on

Program 160: Khatija Thomas on Forrest Review – Part One

This program includes the first part of an interview with the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement, Ms Khatija Thomas. It looks at the Forrest Review and the forthcoming Freedom Summit in Alice Springs... read on

Second interview with Kerry Kroschel

In this interview, Kerry Kroschel from TAFE SA talks with us about the 2013 Anangu Work Expo recently held in Umuwa on the APY Lands. The six-day event provided around 150 Anangu job seekers and... read on

Interview with Dave Couzner

Dave Couzner works for Skill Hire, the employment and training company that recently won a five-year contract to deliver the Australian Government’s new Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RCJP) on the APY Lands. In this interview,... read on

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