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Employment opportunities are limited in remote Anangu communities.

The Paper Tracker monitors efforts to provide Anangu with real jobs.


Interview with Mark Connelly

Mark Connelly manages the new trade training centre at Umuwa on the APY Lands. Beginning in 2013, Anangu secondary school students will be able to learn skills at the centre that should make it easier... read on

Anangu Lands: recruiting Community Constables

South Australia Police receives funding to employ 12 Community Constables on the APY Lands and in Yalata. In November 2011, nine of these positions were vacant (75%). In one community, the local Community Constable position had been empty for over eight years... read on

APY Lands: trade training centre in Umuwa

In 2010, the Federal Government agreed to fund the capital cost of a $7.3 million trade training centre in Umuwa for APY secondary school students. Once completed, groups of Anangu secondary students... read on

APY Lands: community council support officers

In May 2010, the South Australian Government announced plans to establish “community council support officer” positions in Amata, Iwantja, Kaltjiti, Mimili, Pipalyatjara and Pukatja. Funding for these positions was originally for twelve months only... read on

Commonwealth targets: employment of Anangu rangers

In May 2008, the Federal Government announced that it was aiming to create an additional 300 Aboriginal ranger positions by 2012. Funding for these positions was to be provided under the Working on Country program. As of January 2009, the program had allocated more than $7.25 million to three Anangu organisations... read on

APY Lands: employment and training in construction

Broad commitments by governments to train and employ Anangu in the construction and maintenance of houses and other buildings are commonplace on the APY Lands. In 2007 and 2008, such commitments were frequently made during negotiations for a $25 million housing program... read on

State Plan: Anangu public sector employment

In 2004, the State Government announced plans to increase the number of Aboriginal people working in the South Australian public service “to 2% within 5 years.” This target was not met... read on

APY Lands: Police Aboriginal Liaison Officers

For over 20 years, Anangu Community Constables provided the first line of policing on the APY Lands. From 2004 onwards, the number of Anangu willing or able to take on this role dropped significantly. In 2007, South Australia (SA) Police decided to use some of the salaries from unfilled Community Constable positions to employ Anangu staff in other roles... read on

Maralinga Tjarutja: petroleum exploration and Anangu employment

In June 2007, the South Australian Government granted two licences for petroleum exploration on the Maralinga Tjarutja Lands. As part of the negotiations, Maralinga Tjarutja secured a contract to construct 1250km of access tracks and other employment opportunities... read on

Mimili: bush foods enterprise and Anangu employment

In 2004, the State Government provided funding for the establishment of a bush foods garden in Mimili. The goals of the project included the establishment of a sustainable small-scale business and the provision of accredited training... read on

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