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Employment opportunities are limited in remote Anangu communities.

The Paper Tracker monitors efforts to provide Anangu with real jobs.


Interview with Dave Couzner

Dave Couzner works for Skill Hire, the employment and training company that recently won a five-year contract to deliver the Australian Government’s new Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RCJP) on the APY Lands. In this interview,... read on

Interview with Kerry Kroschel

Kerry Kroschel works for TAFE SA organising the 2013 Anangu Work Expo. This six-day event – running from 27 October to 1 November – aims to help Anangu job seekers and secondary school students explore... read on

Interview with Mike Harding

Mike Harding is a postgraduate student at the University of Adelaide. His research is focused on Aboriginal involvement in South Australia’s Opal industry from the mid 1940s to the 1970s. This includes examining opal mining activities on Anangu... read on

SA Police struggles to recruit Anangu staff

Two-thirds of Community Constable positions on the APY Lands and in Yalata are currently vacant. Some of these positions have not been filled for many, many years... read on

Major upgrade of APY roads announced

The Australian and South Australian Governments will spend $106 million upgrading roads on the APY Lands. The five-year project is expected to create cosiderable employment opportunities for Anangu... read on

Indigenous employment rises at Ayers Rock Resort

Ayers Rock Resort is less than 90km from the edge of the APY Lands. Over the last two years, the number of Indigenous people employed there has jumped from “less than five” to more than 160... read on

Aboriginal interpreter services: Minister refuses to release report

In 2011, the SA Government received the final report of a review of Aboriginal language interpreter services. Recently, the Paper Tracker asked the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation (Hon Ian Hunter MLC) for a copy of the report. Last month, the Minister said ‘no’... read on

Anangu interpreters: a dozen graduates and more to come

In 2009, four Anangu students from the APY Lands obtained a Diploma of Interpreting (Aboriginal languages) through TAFE SA. Since then, another eight APY students have graduated... read on

Interview with Mark Zadow

Senior Sergeant Mark Zadow is the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employee Coordinator with South Australia Police. His role includes supporting Anangu into positions as Police Aboriginal Liaison Officers and Community Constables. In this interview,... read on

Interview with Michelle Young

Michelle Young is the Manager of Tjanpi Desert Weavers, a social enterprise that supports hundreds of Anangu women in the production of glorious baskets and other works of arts. Tjanpi Desert Weavers won the 2012... read on

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