The Paper Tracker is Changing (E-Newsletter No. 37)

First posted on 1 August 2012 under Newsletters.
This article has been updated and archived.

1 August 2012

Dear Subscriber

I’m writing to let you know of some important changes to the Paper Tracker project.

For five years now, we have successfully monitored government commitments to South Australia’s remote Anangu communities. Last year, we expanded this work to include a weekly radio show that has opened up new ways of getting information to Anangu in their first languages (Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara).

Fundamental issues

Recently we took stock of the direction and impact of our work and, more broadly, how Anangu communities are travelling. Two fundamental issues emerged.

Firstly, despite some welcome exceptions, far too many crucial decisions are still being made without genuine input from Anangu.

Secondly, there is a pressing need for Anangu to lead a serious and sustained conversation about how to secure a positive future for their communities.

The Paper Tracker has decided to keep these issues at the centre of all of our future work.

Five areas of focussed tracking

In future, we will also focus our tracking around five key topics:
–  employment,
–  food security,
–  housing,
–  access to dialysis, and
–  the recommendations of the Mullighan Inquiry.

We are confident that our emphasis on some fundamental issues and these five topics will sharpen our work and strengthen its importance for Anangu.

The Paper Tracker website

Over the next six months, we will be designing and building a new website around these issues and topics. The new website will make it easier for us to distribute the weekly radio show and allow us to use social media – like Facebook – to highlight what governments are saying and doing for Anangu communities.

Throughout this period of transition, we will continue to produce the weekly radio show and post it on our website. While no other new material will be added to the current website, all of the information on it will remain accessible online and, importantly, continue to be available once the new website has been launched.

Our next e-newsletter will come out in November, at which point, we’ll give you an update on these plans. In the meantime, we’d welcome your feedback and ideas via

Best wishes

Jonathan Nicholls
Uniting Communities

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