The Anangu Lands Paper Tracker E-Newsletter No. 38

First posted on 20 December 2012 under Newsletters.
This article has been updated and archived.

20 December 2012

Welcome to our final newsletter for 2012.

Looking ahead

You may recall that back in August we announced a new direction for the Paper Tracker project focused around five key topics: employment; food security; housing; access to dialysis; and the recommendations of the Mullighan Inquiry.

At that time, we also announced that two key overarching issues would be at the forefront of all of our future work:

  • the need for a serious and sustained conversation about how to secure a positive future for Anangu communities; and
  • the need to ensure Anangu are meaningfully involved in decisions that affect their lives.

Over the last few months, we’ve begun to archive the old website and build a new one structured around these issues and key topics. The new website, to be launched in February, will improve access to our weekly radio show.

Paper Tracker Radio Show: recent interviews

Our radio show has recently recorded interviews on a range of topics including disability services in Anangu communities, the new trade training centre at Umuwa, the reduction of fruit and vegetable prices in five APY stores and the findings of a three-year investigation into the ear health of Anangu children. All of these interviews are available on our website with Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara interpretation and also as English-only recordings.

Mullighan Inquiry: annual progress report

Last month, the South Australian Government released its fourth annual report documenting ongoing efforts to implement the recommendations of the Mullighan Inquiry into child sexual abuse on the APY Lands. Despite our repeated requests for improved reporting, the latest report has significant shortfalls. Read more…

Good news and positive developments in 2012

While it can be easy to focus on the negative, this year has seen some welcome developments and significant achievements including:

  • The announcement that the South Australian Government will build and operate a mobile dialysis bus to make it easier for Anangu dialysis patients to return to their home communities for short visits.
  • The removal of transaction fees from 10 ATM machines located in South Australian Anangu stores.
  • The Australian Senate passing a Bill to make sure Opal fuel replaces standard unleaded fuel in all of the roadhouses operating near Anangu lands. This Bill, which is expected to pass the House of Representatives in early 2013, will strengthen the gains already made in tackling the problem of petrol sniffing.
  • The NPY Women’s Council winning the 2012 Indigenous Governance Award for outstanding governance in an Indigenous incorporated organisation. This award is an important public acknowledgement of the good governance underpinning all of the Council’s work and achievements.

Finally, heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported the Paper Tracker project this year.

Best wishes

Jonathan Nicholls
Uniting Communities

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