Kaltjiti: aged care accommodation

First posted on 28 November 2007 under Housing & Kaltjiti.
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In 2000/01, the South Australian Aboriginal Housing Authority allocated $250,000 for the building of a cluster of four aged care units at Kaltjiti.[i]

Construction work was completed the following year (i.e. in 2001/02).[ii]

The finished building comprises four bedrooms, two bathrooms/toilets and a central kitchenette (containing two electric hotplates and a sink).[iii]

While the units were rarely occupied by Anangu the next seven years, they were sometimes used as temporary accommodation for contractors and non-Anangu visitors. For most of the time, however, the units stood empty and were vulnerable to vandalism.

The Paper Tracker understands that the units were never formally connected to any aged care services.

On 15 July 2009, in response to the Paper Tracker’s request for updated information, Housing SA advised us that the units had not been occupied at the time of “its most recent audit of community housing on the APY Lands but that it had been working with the community “on tenancy allocations.”[iv]

One month later, on 20 August 2009, as part of a visit to the APY Lands, the Paper Tracker inspected the cluster of units. All of the units were unoccupied and in need of major repairs.

On 1 July 2010, Housing SA advised the Paper Tracker that the units were still unoccupied but that they were “currently being upgraded” so that they could be used as short term accommodation “for those families whose substantive houses are [being] upgraded”.[v]

The Paper Tracker has previously reported on the construction and use of a similar group of units in Kalka community.

This article has been archived and will no longer be updated. It will, however, remain accessible online as a source of background information for anyone wishing to undertake further research on this issue.

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