The Anangu Lands Paper Tracker E-Newsletter No. 55

Posted on 4 April 2018 under Newsletters.

Welcome to our 55th Quarterly Newsletter and our first one for 2018!


This newsletter focuses on what the Anangu Lands Paper Tracker Project of Uniting Communities has been up to since the end of December 2017. We give an update on the key areas that we have been advocating and lobbying about, and provide links to our recent radio shows.

Key developments in advocacy and lobbying

The Anangu Lands Paper Tracker has been advocating and lobbying about a number of issues and government policies, programs and services that affect Anangu communities. In particular, we have focused on the following:

  • The need for ongoing funding for remote housing, noting that the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Housing comes to an end in June 2018 and that no negotiations to secure further funding appear to have taken place. Uniting Communities has written to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Senator Nigel Scullion, and has forwarded our letter to the Prime Minister, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull, and all relevant State government departments and agencies. You can read the letter here. You can also find out more about remote housing by clicking on this link to our website.
  • We produced a series of radio interviews with political parties in the run-up to the SA State election in March. We invited political parties to respond to a set of questions that focused on things that are important to remote communities. Links to these interviews are provided below. As part of our focus on the State election, Uniting Communities put forward key proposals about issues to be addressed by political parties and the new State government – this included a focus on supporting community-based dialysis on the APY Lands.
  • We have continued our focus on income management and on the Cashless Debit Card. We presented a paper on the evaluation of the trial of the Cashless Debit Card at a symposium held in February at the University of Melbourne. You can read this paper here.

Paper Tracker Radio Shows

Apart from the shows we broadcast as part of our ‘Summer Season’ in January, we’ve recorded and broadcast nine new shows since our last e-newsletter. If you’d like to listen to any of these programs, click on the links below.

Mark Bolton and Rosemary Lester

Mark Bolton & Rosemary Lester

Program 301: Mobile coverage on APY Lands
In this program, we find out about the roll-out of mobile phone access across the APY Lands. We talk with Mr Mark Bolton, General Manager at Telstra. He tells us about the mobile tower in Amata and the plans to build additional towers across the Lands.

Steven Marshall MP

Steven Marshall MP

Program 302: State Elections – SA Liberal Party
The Paper Tracker produced a series of interviews about the South Australian state election. We have invited political parties to respond to a set of questions that focus on things that are important to remote communities. In this program, we talk with Mr Steven Marshall, Leader of the South Australia Liberals.

Program 303: State Election – SA Greens
This show is part of our series on the SA State Election. In this program, we talk with the Hon Tammy Franks MLC from the SA Greens Party.

Hon Robert Brokenshire MLC

Hon Robert Brokenshire MLC

Program 304: State Election – Australian Conservatives
This program is the third in our series of programs on the SA State election. In this interview, we talk with the Honourable Robert Brokenshire MLC from the Australian Conservatives.

Program 305: No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)
In this show we find out about no-interest loans (NILS). We talk with Zeni Ferntree, a No-Interest Loans Scheme Officer with MoneyMob Talkabout.

Program 306: SA State Election – Dignity Party
This program is the fourth in our series about the South Australian State Election. We talk with the Honourable Kelly Vincent MLC from the Dignity Party.

Bev Walley, Community Leader from Kununurra WA

Bev Walley

Program 307: Cashless Debit Card – a first-hand experience
This program focuses on the Cashless Debit Card, which is part of the Federal Government’s income management strategy. We talk with Bev Walley who lives in Kununurra in Western Australia and who has first-hand experience of what it’s like to be on the Card.

Program 308: Remote Housing Funding? – Shelter SA
This program focuses on housing and, in particular, funding for remote housing. We talk with Dr Alice Clark, Executive Director of Shelter SA.

Michelle Williams and Steve Edwards from InComPro

Michelle Williams & Steve Edwards

Program 309: InComPro Cultural Services
In this show, we find out about InComPro. We talk with Steve Edwards and Michelle Williams, Service Coordinator, Community Engagement and APY lands.

If you’d like to listen to previous Paper Tracker radio shows, you can visit our website at, and then click on the program or interview you’d like to listen to.

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