APY Executive Board Elections 2017

Changes to APY Land Rights Act about elections

The Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Rights Act became law in 1981. It has been amended or changed a number of times over the years.

On 20th September 2016, the APY Land Rights (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill was passed by the South Australian Parliament.

A number of the changes that have been made to the Land Rights Act are about how the elections for the APY Executive Board are conducted.

The changes include the total number of APY electorates. There are also changes about what you have to do in order to be allowed to vote or to stand for elections; and there are changes about the process of voting.

For more information on these changes, you can listen to two David Gully and Rose LesterAnangu Lands Paper Tracker radio interviews with the Deputy Commissioner of the Electoral Commission SA, Mr David Gully. The first interview was conducted in October 2016, and the second interview in March 2017.


APY Executive Board elections held on 5 April 2017

Following the changes to the Act, the elections for the APY Executive Board were held on 5 April 2017.

The table below provides information about the provisional results of the APY elections that were held on 5th April. It shows the number of votes cast in each electorate and the total number of people who voted across all the seven electorates. (Note: It does not include the details of the candidates who were elected unopposed because they were the only candidate standing in their electorate.)


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A total of 357 votes were cast in the elections. In many of the electorates, the candidates had either been elected unopposed or only male candidates had nominated. In the Kaltjiti/Irintata/Watinuma electorate, people were casting two votes (one for a man and one for a woman) – 38 votes were cast for men and 37 votes were cast for women, based on the votes of the same voting population. This probably means that in the Kaltjiti/Irintata/Watinuma electorate a total of 38 people voted but that one of the voters did not cast their vote for a woman candidate. The data indicates that a total of 357 votes were cast by 320 voters. This shows that only a very small percentage of the total number of eligible voters actually participated in the election and cast their votes.

In summary, the table below shows the list of the recently elected members of the APY Executive Board. The vacant positions for women candidates in Mimili and in Iwantja/Amaruna/Railway Bore/Witjintitja/Wallatina will result in the Electoral Commission of SA holding supplementary elections in the near future. Once these positions have been filled, the APY Executive will have a total of 14 members.




Women Board Members

Men Board Members

1. Pipalyatjara/ Kalka


Sally Scales Richard Kanari
2. Kanyi, Nyapari, Angatja and         Watarru


Marita Baker Anton Baker
3. Amata and Tjurma


Tjutjana Susan Burton Frank Young
4. Kaltjiti, Irintata and Watinuma


Nyukana Norris Murray George
5. Mimili


Vacant Position Willy Martin
6. Iwantja, Amaruna, Railway           Bore, Witjintitja and Wallatina


Vacant Position Bernard Singer
7. Pukatja, Yunyarinyi, Anilalya       and Turkey Bore


Lois Fraser Donald Fraser


For more information about the APY Executive Board elections, see the Electoral Commission of South Australia’s website.




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