Monitoring APY child safety – a new Sub-committee

The final report of the Government’s response to the Children on APY Lands Commission of Inquiry (Mullighan Inquiry) indicated in November 2013 that the APY Lands Steering Committee, with oversight from the APY Regional Partnership Agreement, would be responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the Mullighan Inquiry’s recommendations.

The APY Lands Steering Committee only met twice in 2014 and child safety did not form part of the
agenda for these meetings. This Committee’s first meeting in 2015 was held on 26 November 2015, followed by a meeting on 25 February 2016.

At the meeting in February it was agreed that a Child Safety and Wellbeing Sub-committee would be established.  This Sub-committee is the responsibility of the Department for Education and Child Development.

Too many committee, too little action?

Too many committees, too little action?

The Sub-committee’s first meeting was held on 21 April 2016, at which its terms of reference were approved.

A second meeting of the Child Safety and Wellbeing Sub-committee was held on 21 June 2016.

The Anangu Lands Paper Tracker has written to the Minister for Education and Child Development (letter dated 11 July 2016), requesting a copy of the terms of reference for the Child Safety and Wellbeing Sub-committee.

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The Paper Tracker has also asked the Minister for an update on the Review of the APY Lands child protection protocols for the investigation and assessment of suspected abuse and/or neglect. These Child Protection Protocols became operational in 2011 and provide a framework for the way in which government agencies and non-government organisations are supposed to respond to child protection notifications. A Review of these protocols was commenced in October 2013 and a report was due in mid-2014. To date, after numerous requests from the Paper Tracker, an update on the progress with this Review has still not been provided.

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